Sunday, January 7, 2018
Alhamdulillah, 2018! 
Without Allah blessings I can't be here, yes! In Melbourne. 
Allah has answered one of my wishes in 2016. 

I know, I know. 
I left this blog for a year. Feel like my words were useless, because there's no action i take. I keep saying, I will write this, I will write that, but I did nothing! I wrote stories, poems and unspoken words but I put them as drafts. Since a month ago, I reached Melbourne, so I don't want to skip great things here. Melbourne is one of best place for writers. (I know, I know, I'm still a newbie! :) ) But every great writers start as newbie also, right?

These are what I learned in 2017.

1. Overcome your fear. 
If you think you can't do the job you don't like, better to try it. I did it for 9 months. 

2. One of the best feeling in the world, when you can visit another country with your full team bestfriends. 

3. Trust the process, make the deadline, write down your dreams with all checklist boxes. 

4. Falling in love with unexpected person in unexpected time is great.

5. If a guy broke up with you once, better to think more than twice to get back together.

6. Don't let jealousy control your mind and heart. Remember, love is bigger than that! Love needs win your jealousy. Otherwise, you will regret it later. Because of jealousy, I did stupid thing. 

7. People make mistakes, even the people we love, but don't punish them with your bad words, because words have power. I know, it's hard to control your anger, but what you can do, you can control your words. choose your words wisely!

8. Just because you meet psychologist, doesn't mean you are maniac or crazy. 

9. Be yourself, always. If you want to try to fit in, doesn't mean you have to lie about yourself. You don't have to feel embarassed about yourself. 

10. You can't be friends with people you love.

11. Effort, effort, effort, in everything, no excuses!

12. Always remember where you came from. Keep remind yourself, if your head in the sky, put your feet on the ground. 

13. Always remember your hard times in life, so you can be more grateful.

14. Prayer works everytime! if you're a believer, you know how it feels right??!

15. Be good, be good, be good. Because, Karma does exist. 

16. Be with someone who proud of you. 
Not someone who act like they proud to have you, but actually not.

Be ready for more stories and confession this year!