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Sunday, November 27, 2016

All pictures were taken by me


All pictures were taken by me


When you visit Singapore, the must thing to see and capture is The Merlion Statue. But not for me and Feby. LOL. We cudnt take our best picture with Merlion Statue. We're planning to go there but,  we're on many wrong ways. So, when we get there, it's about 8 pm and our camera is too bad to take night potrait, eventho there's a flash in it. We tried to take some pics, but all of em look horrible! our oily face OMG! hahaha But, the good thing we took a picture with the replica one in Sentosa Island. Seems like, our heart know so well if we wont make it to the real one. 

Singapore is really clean and neat country. Just like what CNN has written about SG (Click here!) i 1000% agree! After got home, i write on my bucketlist if someday i have to live and get a work there. Insha Allah :) You know, eventho it's a small country, but it has so many great things in it. From the people, language, view, playground, bar, restaurant, mall and anything. It's so beautiful.

While Feby and I walked around the city, to feel the fresh air, to make potraits and enjoy the city life, we saw there's a comfort field front of Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall. So many people lay down there, so we followed em. It has nice quality grasses.

Only few days in SG, but i've got so many great memories and i instantly in love with this country. I definitely will come back again very very soon! this is gonna be the end post of my Get Lost Season 1 (Singapore Part) story. I'll start to write about The Malaysia Part after post the Singapore potraits i've taken!

The Replica Merlion Statue at Sentosa Island

nice shoot credit by Feby

Only Merlion Statue without us!


Saturday, November 26, 2016
It's all because of Ben. (Who's Ben? make sure you read this)
Around 8 am, Feby woke me up. 

She's like: "Cmon! Wake up!! We will try that one thing Ben told us, wont we?" //  "Cu! Bangun! Ini kita jadikan mau naik yang waktu itu Ben cerita?"

Me: "Are you sure? is it expensive, right?" // "Seriusan? Bukannya mahal ya?"

Feby: "I watched the video on YouTube. It's good i think. // "Aku udah nonton beberapa videonya di YouTube. keren kok."

Me: "Lemme see that" // "Liat dong!"

And yeah, after i saw the video, u gotta believe me, it's really cool! But again, it must be expensive. But, whatevs! Feby and I decided to take a shower quickly. Sharp breakfast, check all stuffs inside our backpacks, memory card, battery and phone and ya! we straight to the Farrer Park Station. 

From Farrer Park to Harbour Front. 

An officer told us, if we should use cable car to reach Sentosa Island. We run literally run to find the cable car booth. We found and stood in queue, so excited. and suddenly, Bang!!! We saw something. It cost S$33 = IDR300 / person , with a cable car. Really? Feby pulled my hand to leave the queue. 

I said: "Why?" // "Kenapa?"
Feby: "You crazy? It's expensive!" // "Gila! itu mahal cu!"
Me: "So?" // "trus gimana?"
Feby: "There must be another option to get there!" // "Pasti ada cara lain buat nyampe kesana"
Me: "Are u serious?" // "Serius kah ini?"
Feby: "Ya! Its about S$33, dude! No, we're not gonna use that!" // "Iyalah, itu 300 ribuan cu. gak mungkin naik itu"

Oh, well! Actually, ya, we're not gonna use that! hahaha 

Harbour front is located near the Vivo City Mall. Feby asked somebody (She left me! Lol) and the other option, we should go to the 3rd level of Vivo City and take the Sentosa Express!

So, we're back to the Harbour Front and go straight to the 3rd level of Vivo City Mall. Back in queue again. After our turn, there's an officer who served us. He offered us so many rides, but we only choose the Megazip one. He made sure to us, and yeah we're really sure, sir. We came here only for The Megazip. 

It's about S$45 = IDR450 for each person. We're not surprised, because we knew it's such an amazing ride and it's impossible if It's cheap. Right?

We used Sentosa Express to take us to Sentosa Station. It's cheeeappeeer than Cable Car (Thank God!) Ionly S$7 = IDR70 for one person. Anyway, The Sentosa Express's Color is so eye-catchy and they also have another line, you can check it here.

We stepped out our feet and reached Sentosa Station. We walked only few minutes to get inside the Mega Adventure. When we're there, we didnt know which way that gonna take us to Megazip. I asked an officer, and he said.. that we have to climb the stairs and walk uphill to reach Megazip. Oh, we got that, we really got that, why most people choose The Cable Car and (why it's so expensive! for us)

But, we did. We climbed and walked uphill. and yeah, we finally there!

While we're waiting to go up there, we get set and an Indian Officer told us about the rules. We couldnt bring the camera, i mean like mirrorless & DSLR. Only allowed for action camera. So, we put our backpacks to a special sack, including our DSLR bags. 

It's about 75 meters high, so we must climb the stairs again. The line was so long, so we waited around an hour and half. There are 3 slots for every slide. I was kinda nervous, because it's gonna be my first time to do the Highest Flyin Fox Ever and i wanna prove what Ben has said to me & Feby. 

and finally, the officer called us!
Ready, Set and - TAKE A DEEP BREATH!- and he released us!

To answer the title.. what am gonna say?
It's really really WORTH IT! 
At first, i was so scared and closed my eyes, because it's like somebody throwin u from the heights, but then i really enjoyed that S$45 Ride! HAHAHA :) Passing the jungle, street and river.

Ben told us, after he did The Megazip. He think about life from different side, he sees what he never sees before and he believe if life is really great. Sorry Ben, i laughed at ur words in few minutes after we did The Megazip. But, now i get it. 

Megazip was never on Me & Feby itenerary. But, take a night ride from Malaysia and Singapore was. That's the time when we met Ben and he told us about this. God's plan is always cool!

For Megazip information & book tickets, click here!

Dont forget, there was always a hillarious drama. 
We almost lost our DSLR Backpacks. Feby looked calm but i was gonna cry. Feby thought it wasnt lost, i thought it was definitely lost (because, i looked for and got nothing!!!) including our passports!. Thank God, It didnt. Again, it's just the hillarious drama.

I dare you to do this! 

Go check the full video:

Pardon my expression! LOL.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016
After looked around in The Bay Siblings (Garden By The Bay & Marina Bay Sands) we didnt know where to go. Plans were checked. What we want, a place with a great view, where we can sit and relax and the most important one, we dont have to pay much. hahaha.

So, we decided to go to The Singapore River. From Marina Bay Sands, we took a MRT directly to Raffles Place. We went there about 4 pm. Right when the work hour has ended. God has givin us great direction. Really, it's really a good choice, to sit and relax around Singapore River. You can do anything there, in a positive way of course!

 I saw people ridin a bike, playin a guitar, rollin in rollerblades, talkin to friends and colleagues or just sit on a bench and staring at the river, people takin selfies, jogging and many more.

You can find Bars & Restaurants around there. Besides offer best meals and service, they also offer you the best view. Some of them, like Irish Bars, Indian Restaurant, American, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese (too bad! i didnt find the Indonesian restaurant)

You can choose to sit back and relax around The Singapore River or having a great foods and service at the restaurant. It's up 2 you!

Feby and I chose to grabbed drinks from the softdrink machine and bought cookies, We walked around Singapore River before we finally found the best place to sit back and relax (and also, to give our eyes best vitamin ever! a.k.a looking out for hot guys in town hahaha)

I saw workers came out from their office, they're spread to some places around there. I thought, they're not straight to goin home or apartment. It's not because, they dont want to get trapped into a trafficjam. It's because, you can enjoy and relax yourself around Singapore River, get some foods, grab drinks and wines, chit chat with your friends, sharin jokes and many more.

Let me say, at the end of the day, the atmosphere around is like a moodboster to em, after hours in a office.

after talked non-stop and looked around, we felt so tired & decided to back to the hostel around 7, oh we need shower so badly!

The funniest thing, after we took shower, the tired feels has gone, and we went back to The Singapore River, we spent the night on an Irish Restaurant with 2 great drinks and still found some hot workers there, and it suprised me! when i knw that they're watching the India VS West Indies cricket match! I didnt know who the winner was, but i could feel their exictement! (Go check the mini video on my instagram account!)

And we went back to the hostel around 1:30 am by a taxi.